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Social Media and How Not to Ruin Your Life

Ronson’s NY Times article over Justine Sacco’s tweets and the social media backlash she received draws attention to a recurring problem in the business world. The invention of Web 2.0 (that’s things like twitter, facebook etc) has irrevocably blurred the

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Links and Images

This is a short lesson, just to get back into things. To make a text link insert the following tags anywhere in the body of the page: <a href=””>Simon’s Seagull Photographic</a> Here I’ve used the url and name for Simon’s

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Methodology for the Care of Sacred Texts in Public Libraries

I’ve been keeping these under my hat for a while because I didn’t want to say anything until they were published, but now they’ve gone live on CILIP I’m sharing them with you all: “The UK is a diverse, cosmopolitan

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HTML: Headings, Lists and Comments.

Comments Sometimes when creating code we’re going to want to leave notes for ourselves as reminders when we come back to edit it later. In order to make these notes visible only when looking at the code you’re going to

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I have a twitter account now and am using the hashtag #LearnToCodeWithSiobhan for the coding project in case that makes it easier for anyone to follow the posts.

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The Scottish Child Law Centre

I’ve been donating my time to the Scottish Child Law Centre for the last couple of years and now they’re trying to raise the money to pay me a salary so I can afford to spend more time there and

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Learn to Code with Siobhan: HTML basics

I’m starting with HTML because even though a lot of people say its too easy to bother with and that you don’t need it I found that learning the concepts behind how it works, not just that typing in x

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Learning to Code with Siobhan

Until relatively recently I stayed away from coding because I was convinced (without ever trying it) that it would be too difficult to learn. I’ve discovered that I’m completely wrong and that, with clear instructions, the less complicated languages are

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Simon’s Seagull photographic

Lately I’ve been working for Simon’s Seagull Photographic and as well as their excellent stock photography they also have several print on demand product sites where you can buy their images on mugs, t-shirts and more. I particularly like the

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A Review of Steve Bailey’s “Managing the Crowd: rethinking records management for the web 2.0 world”

“Managing the Crowd: rethinking records management for the web 2.0 world” by Steve Bailey examines the place of records management in the web 2.0 world, and I can’t recommend it enough for anyone who wants to better understand the ways

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